The Difatta Brothers – European Auto Parts and Service Center

european-carIn this home business review we are going to look at one of the best places to get your car repaired in Baltimore.

The Difatta Brothers located at 5928 Belair Road in Baltimore, Maryland offers the best European automotive repair service I have ever experienced.

Once you read about the history of the company and it’s owners you will quickly realize that your car is in safe hands when dealing with an amazing business like this one here.

Not only can you get your car repaired, but they offer some of the most competitive pricing in hard to find items like alfa romeo parts or other european automotive parts.


The Difatta Brothers originally started in Cefalu’ which is in Sicily.

Back in the 1950′s the brothers would spend their spare time learning all about the many vehicles that entered the repair shop they worked at.

Eventually with countless hours of hands on experience they were able to service cars on their own, then upgrading to more advanced repairs on race cars for teams like Alfa Romeo, or Ferrari for their famous Targa Florio races.

The brothers eventually moved to the United States and opened up their own shop.

They became the premier spot for auto repair in Baltimore and quickly became a fan favorite with the locals.

The rest they say is history of course.


If you are in dire need of service, or just want to take care of that precious foreign vehicle, then definitely hit up The Difatta Brothers to ensure you receive the best service possible at the best possible price.

You can hit them up at any time by dialing the number below.


More of an action taker and just want to go in directly and speak to them face to face?

No problem here’s the address.

5928 Belair Road in Baltimore, Maryland

That about sums up this today’s home business review.

Make sure to check back to not only save yourself a bit of spare change, but to stay up and current with what’s going on in the home business world.

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What The Heck Is Empower Network?

Empower Network ReviewThis website is obviously all about home business.

So it’s only natural that we talk about a popular home business that’s been taking the internet by storm.

The Empower Network.

In my personal opinion, it’s one of the best opportunities to get yourself involved with and if you team up with just the right people and learn the right skills, it could potentially be the vehicle that takes you to internet success.

Just do a quick Google search for empower network review and you’ll quickly discover just about everything you wanted to know about the company.

History of Empower Network

Empower Network was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe on Halloween back in 2011.

By that time they had both become top earners in just about everything that they were promoting but had seen a huge flaw in the industry.

Their team members were not getting results.

So they decided to do a little something different, and create a company where you have the opportunity to get 100% commissions.

Not some puny little change that most internet marketing companies were paying.

The results were explosive.

Empower Network generated over 1 million dollars in sales in it’s 1st week and has never looked back since.

With crazy success like that, of course you are going to have your haters screaming nonsense like there is an empower network scam happening or something of that nature.

It’s average people doing what they do best…being average.

When you’re too busy making serious dough, you don’t have time to make excuses for why you’re not succeeding.

I guess everyone just doesn’t see it that way huh?

But long story short I definitely give Empower Network the go ahead in my play book.

Just like with any other home business or opportunity you are going to have to develop a skill that’s going to get you customers.

That may be getting good at paid advertising, it may be blogging and seo.

Whatever skill that you decide to master, just make sure that you master something.

It’s going to be the difference between struggling to get a few sales, to effortlessly seeing success happen everyday before your very eyes.

That’s about it for today everyone.

3 Simple Home Business Tips

Running a home-based business can be very rewarding.

People who run their own business also get to set their own schedules.

However, there are several challenges that come along with running a home-based business.

Below are three home business tips that will help you overcome those challenges:

home-business-tips1.) Set A Schedule

People who run a home-based business have the freedom to set their own hours. However, it can sometimes be difficult to focus when you are working from home.

This is especially true if your family is home during the time that you will be working. You should set a schedule and stick to it.

You should kindly ask your family members to avoid disturbing you during the times that you are working.

You may also want to set up an area in your home that is just for working. For example, you can convert an extra room into an office.

This will make it easier for you to stay focused. .

2.) Set Goals And Keep Track Of Them

When you are running a business from home, it can sometimes be difficult for you to tell whether you are really making process.

One way that you can keep track of whether you are making process is by setting goals.

You should set long and short-term goals. Think about what you want to accomplish in your business within the next few months and years.

You should also write down a plan of action for accomplishing your goals.

For example, you have set a goal to increase your income by $1,000 each month. You should write down how many hours of week you will work and how many sales you will have to make in order to accomplish this goal.

It is important to be realistic when you are setting your goals.

You want to set high expectations for yourself, but you do not want to set the bar too high.

Additionally, you should give yourself rewards for accomplishing your goals. This will give you an incentive to keep working hard.

3.) Separate Your Business Finances From Your Personal Ones

In order to successfully manage your business, you must keep track of all of your finances.

It is important for you to keep your personal finances separated from your business ones.

You should open up another checking account for your business. You should also get a credit card just for your business.

Furthermore, it is important for you to keep track of all of your business expenses. Every time that you make a business-related purchase, you should keep track of the receipts.

You should also keep record of all other business transactions and activities.

You will be able to deduct your business expenses from your taxes, but you have to keep a record of everything just in case you get audited by the IRS.

Running a home-based business is not always easy.

Fortunately, it will be easier for you to run a home business if you stick to a schedule and set goals.

You should also keep track of your business finances.

The Benefits of Starting A Home Business

home-businessMany people around the world are thinking about starting a home business to replace or supplement their current incomes.

While this may be a great idea, people are often unsure about the decision.   After all, it’s a huge risk.

The decision to start a business that operates from home can also be a little bit harder if you have a family. Even with all the challenges, operating a home business is still a great idea.

The following are some of the reasons why you may want consider the move.

1. Get Full Control of Your Time

When you are employed in 40-hour week type of jobs, you have very little control of your schedule.

You have to be at work between 8-9am and leave after 4-5pm.  In between these hours, all you can pretty much do is work and take the occasional smoke or lunch break.

You can never miss going to work during the week unless you have special permission from one of the higher ups.

Unfortunately, life has many challenges that need to be dealt with during the normal work hours, but traditional jobs do not offer the required flexibility.

On the other hand, a home-based enterprise gives you complete control of your life.

You can put work on hold so that you can take care of urgent issues. You can also decide not to work on certain days depending on your mood and preferred work schedule.

2. Be Your Own Boss

While there are many people who like their bosses, the vast majority of people in the workforce despise answering to their superiors.

This is also one of the reasons why people often start their own businesses. When running your own home business, you will have no supervisor or boss.

If anything, you will be your own boss since every decision will be made by you.

3. Make More Money

If you have a great business idea, you can make a lot of money from home.  You will have no income ceiling.

Furthermore, the government has tax incentives for individuals who run their own enterprises from home.

This translates to fewer expenses and more revenue; which is great news for you.

4. Spend More Time With Your Family

When running a business from your house, you will have all the time in the world to spend with your family.

You will always see your kids and spouse off to school or work and welcome them back in the evening. In a way, a home-based business can strengthen families.

5. Save Money

When working for a government or company, you have to drive to and from work every single day of the week.

The money you spend on gas can be quite significant. If you choose to work or do your business at home, you can save this money and pay off your debts with it.

6. Get Financial Freedom

The overall benefits of running a home based business include: improved quality of life, and best of all, financial freedom.

These are two things that every person wants, and home-based businesses can help them to achieve these goals.

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